Re­search Sem­in­ar The­or­et­ic­al Elec­tric­al En­gin­eer­ing

  • The seminar mainly targets the members the Theoretical Electrical Engineering group, but is open to everyone interested.
  • Current research results will be presented and discussed.
  • The talks are announced in the TET news feed (also see below) and usually happen in room P1.5.01.4.


Sem­in­ar talk anounce­ments and oth­er news

Authors: V. Myroshnychenko, P. M. Mulavarickal Jose, H. Farheen, S. Ejaz, Ch. Brosseau, J. Förstner

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Authors: D. Bauch, D. Siebert, K. D. Jöns, J. Förstner, S. Schumacher Our recent paper “On-Demand Indistinguishable and Entangled Photons Using Tailored Cavity Designs”,, made it to the cover of the Advanced Quantum Technology journal:

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Lecturer: Mahmudul Hassan Sourav Date: 17.01.2024 Time: 12:30 Uhr Language: English Place: TET seminar room P1.5.01.4

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S. Lange, U. Hilleringmann, Ch. Hedayat, H. Kuhn, J. Förstner Published in: 2023 IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements and Applications (CAMA)

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