This applies to students, who got a prerequisite when they started a master or PhD at the University Paderborn. The main goal of these prerequisites is to make sure that you have the required knowledge and competence to proceed with your studies.

If you had a course in your previous programme which fully or to a large degree covered the topics of the prerequisite (see module handbook, or our course pages for that), please send (or bring in person) your mark sheet and a syllabus/table of contents of the relevant courses to Prof. Jens Förstner.

If you had no related courses before, please take the exam of the required course (offered twice a year). If the course is not available in your language, an oral exam can be arranged. 

You need two eligible examiners/supervisors from the University Paderborn (usually professors from Electrical Engineering) willing to supervise.

In the TET group we only supervise external thesis under strict conditions:

  • The company and TET group co-operate already or plan to do so. We defined suitable bachelor/master projects and announced them on our pages
  • The topic is very close to the research field of the TET group (nanophotonics, optical/electromagnetic field simulations). The topic should clearly meet the required academic quality. Best, the company should be interested in a cooperation. Only then contact us and to ask if we are interested and have the capacity to supervise.

Please see here.

Please see here.