TET Student Projects WS 2018/2019

The TET group offers several projects:

  • You should have deep knowledge of Electrodynamics as taught in the "Fields and Waves" and "Modeling and Simulation" courses. Also, it will help if you are interested in theoretical modelling and numerical simulations.
  • If you want to do a project you have to register in Paul (any of the three courses). Also, you need to write an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner until (date will be announced):
    • Include your name, student id and 1-3 preferred projects from the list below.
    • Projects are done in groups of 2-3 students. If you want to work with someone specific, please let us know.
    • If your would be able to do the project in German, please let us know.
  • The number of project groups is limited. On (date will be announced) you will be noticed if and which project you can do.
  • For projects based on CST Microwave Studio it is compulsory to attend a one day workshop on (date & time will be announced) where the basics are presented. Participants will receive a certificate.
  • There will be no prior meeting on the projects. Please contact the persons listed in the project list or Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner for more information.

List of offered projects

The list of project topics is not yet available. Have a look at the last semester to get an impression of the types of projects.

 Please contact Prof. Dr. Jens Förstner for more information.

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